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Type: Raw/Unprocessed    |   Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Our poppy seeds come directly from the United Kingdom and are 100% organic and unproccessed.  These seeds are the best tasting on the market and our customers agree with over 100 5 Star Ratings! Perfect for every recipe. Just like what Grandma used to use.

-100% Organic


Warning: Contains unwashed poppy seeds, which may naturally contain alkaloid / opioid residue, including morphine and codeine. Most opioid residue can be removed by adequate washing of the seeds. Prepare poppy seeds for consumption by thoroughly washing seeds in very hot liquid (140°F) disposing of the liquid, baking the seeds at 400°F to dry, and grinding the seeds. Do not ingest poppy seed wash or tea made from unwashed poppy seeds; ingestion is dangerous and may be fatal. SELLER MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Consumer/Purchaser assumes all risks associated with off label use. Seller is not responsible for any health risks or problems from off label use.  If a consumer is found to be using product for any use other than that of baking and/or crafts, purchaser’s email, phone number, name, and IP address will be PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM PURCHASING ANY PRODUCT FROM HEARTYHILLS.COM. There will be ZERO exceptions made.
FDA Disclaimer: The following statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not specifically intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

83 reviews for Unprocessed UK Poppy Seeds

  1. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    My goto

    jacob and the team have been my goto since almost their very start. always a great product at the best price. ive tried other vendors just recently and their products were much lower quality at almost 2x the price. thank you heartyhills for keeping it 100%

  2. 2xxcelmusic (verified owner)

    Holy fn moly

    These are the best poppy seeds ive had period yall eearned a loyal coustomer

  3. deftonesdsm (verified owner)

    Great service

    These guys are best quality and service in business. Always make any error right and giving extra when they make an honest mistake. I just hope they can get more supply id hate to lose Jacob and everyone at NH. Thanks guys/girls

  4. lda2788 (verified owner)

    Quality product and super fast shipping!

    Great service and a really good quality product. I’ve tried many other USA poppy seed suppliers and Hearty Hills are by far my favorite, you just can’t get a better quality poppy seed for this price anywhere else!!

  5. Mark Johnson (verified owner)

    Great seeds, quality business

    I’ve been ordering from NH for half a year or more now and have received high quality seeds every single time,never have I had an issue with quality or quantity,100% great seeds every time!! Cheaper than other companies out there that have oddly bizarre owners who feel the need to email their life story and excuse after excuse to all their customers. You simply won’t see that craziness at Hearty Hill’s! I do have a bit of an issue with the recent price hike due to short supply (why should the customer have to suffer due to short supply? I was paying 40 dollars less for the same seeds from the same supply, curious as to why there is a need to hike up the price as we all know how incredibly expensive quality seeds are in the first place..? I’m not complaining(well,maybe a bit😉 but regardless you’ll always have my business), just wondering. If you’re buying from another company ditch that dude and buy from a quality business with integrity and compassion for it’s customers, not to mention it’s waaaaay cheaper and the same dang seeds anyway!!!

  6. goda0505 (verified owner)

    Always best service, first time quality question

    The Hearty Hills team is always #1 for customer service and turn around time. Historically I have also always been very happy with the quality of their seeds. My most recent 2 orders was the first time that the quality was not as expected. The flavor was just not as robust as I have come to know from HH. I understand it is a natural product and there is some variation batch to batch, but this is the first time I thought the price was not in line with the quality. While I was disappointed with the most recent batch, there is still no one I would trust more then Jacob and Hearty Hills for the overall most consistent flavor, value, and service. They have earned my loyalty with years of great service and products. For last batch I’d say 3/5 for quality, but still always 5/5 for service.

  7. Brittany Dean (verified owner)

    Not sure what the deal is. This company used to send some quality product for a good price but as of late I feel like I’m paying a premium for the same quality I can get at a supermarket. My last two orders the product had a chemical smell to it. I really hope this is not the quality we can expect from not on because this is my favorite company to order from. Their prices used to reflect quality you could expect and the shipping was really fast.

  8. Larry McElrath (verified owner)

    Have always had great quality and fast delivery, first time quality questions

    The team here has always been great about shipping quick. I’ve had great quality seeds from them every time until recently. I know they put up several quality variations of seeds, and I’m not talking about any of the lower ones. The last 2 batches I received of the highest quality seeds were just not quite what I felt I’ve received previously. I would’ve said they were about 3/4 strength/quality however you want to put it. Unfortunately the prices have gone up again this year. It is starting to feel a bit steep as they are close to in line price wise with competitors. I sincerely hope that the quality of these newer batches I’ve ordered are better. I still have a lot of faith and trust in the team. Hopefully the experience I’ve had and that I’ve seen a couple others had was just a fluke. Other than that, keep up the great work!

  9. jcantagallo (verified owner)

    Just a review

    Since they’ve been out of regular product I’ve had to use other places and their customer service is what I think makes them better than the others and cheaper overnight shipping and free shipping for ground orders helps. I wasn’t happy about the quality of the mid grade stuff since it’s total crap but I still prefer buying here when they have stock since they’ve always treated me good over the years.

  10. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    same quality as everyone right now

    not impressed with my recent order. seems to be the same quality as everyone else. not pure garbage but not good. think the seed games done fellas

  11. jcantagallo (verified owner)

    New stock

    It’s not the greatest I’ve ever had but it’s not bad and about the same or better than what everyone else has now

  12. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    want inform my recent review is innacurate

    these seeds are much better than i originally thought when i received my most recent order. still not amazing but are much better than anywhere else right now (and ive tried every usa based uk vendor). the quality of these seeds just take a little longer to notice their quality., wish i couldve just updated my last review rather than make another. thanks again NH for keeping it 100%!!

  13. blancavenus78 (verified owner)

    The Best!!!

    Obviously as a baker I look for perfection and want essentially natural organic ingredients for the best results on my desserts & pastries. I definitely get this with Hearty hills you can get your poppyseeds in other places true, even as close as your neighbor’s market but they got added preservatives and masking flavors and it changes your recipes for the worst, that won’t happen with this company products seriously they sell the freshest out there plus they’re very organized trustworthy and professional making a good overall experience at the time of buying that’s why they got my business I’m a happy costumer.

  14. Cynthia Luke (verified owner)

    That sample was delicious!

    This is about the 1/4th sample, since there isn’t a page dedicaed to it to write this review on, and I’m pretty sure that sample were these seeds.

    That was delicious and it has me jonesing for more! I’m just sad that I have to wait 2 weeks until I can afford it.
    By chance, can I have one more sample, please? haha

  15. andybrown813 (verified owner)

    Sample and 10lb

    Best seeds for baking I’ve been able to find recently. Thanks for the tester. Much appreciated Jacob.

  16. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    top notch customer service

    had an issue with my last 25 lb order. paul with shipping made everything right. had me send back the product ground shipping and 2 day aired my new shipment to me (before they even received my original order back) AND they had limited quantity on hand at the time. Thanks again paul, and the whole nh team! A++ customer service

  17. Alexander Bucklan (verified owner)

    Such a great company. Exceptional product and service every time!

  18. Carl Papp (verified owner)

    Glad I switched

    These are better quality then the competition right now, and cheaper than the competition too!
    So yeah I’m glad I switched over.
    I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.
    Actually my cart is waiting for my check to clear so I can pay for my next order not playing around these were definitely good enough to justify purchasing ten pounds or better, wishing I would have ordered more than 5 on my first purchase here. So pleased with the experience here I’ll be back…lol

  19. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    best product available

    best uk seeds available anywhere and at a fair and reasonable price, none of the bs constant price change and “deals” like other vendors. nh is an honest, well managed company. thanks again guys for the quick delivery and affordable, top notch baking products!

  20. miller.jasond (verified owner)

    “The best Around!!”

    **Que the Karate Kid theme song **

    These are the best seeds you’ll find anywhere. I’ve tried all others… dot guys, fire guys, kings queens and jokers… NH tops them all!! I’ve been a customer for years, and I’ll be one for the foreseeable future!

  21. James Franko (verified owner)

    the best there is!

    Just the absolute best tasting seeds available. I make this poppy seed sourdough bread, a poppy seed muffin that has a this poppy seed filling, and poppy seed French toast, all 3 of which recipes are incredible…but if you don’t get the right seeds then the flavor just is off. Some seeds taste chemical-y or peppery or something.

    Not these seeds though! These seeds are packed with nutrients and the flavor is just unparalleled, the provide the perfect earthy flavor and texture that makes my dishes TOP notch. I was so disappointed for a while until Hearty Hills got these seeds in. Finally my recipes are once again tasting like they should!!

  22. evnhoward (verified owner)

    Low Quality

    When they are good they are GREAT, but where did the consistency go? My last order was the best I ever had a week ago and the ones I got today on sale look like what you can get at the supermarket.

  23. evnhoward (verified owner)

    Very Good

    These are the best you can find hands down, when they are good they are great! 5 Star product and service.

  24. Jay (verified owner)

    Good product; beware the sales

    Great product on the whole and I’ve never felt left out in the cold by the customer service – but do understand that’s it much more difficult to get the same fresh product that used to be easy to find. I’ve noticed that In the past year or so sales only seem to occur when there is an influx of inferior product on hand – the last couple of “sale” batches I purchased left a little bit to be desired – I don’t think this is a knock against the company so much as a statement on what the market is these days and I haven’t seen any vendors doing actual “sales” that are not directly proportionate to the quality of the product in quite some time. This company has done very well to maintain product integrity at the full market price but if you see a sale, It might behoove you to expect a drop in quality to go with it.

  25. Christopher Abbott (verified owner)

    Save your money

    Don’t waste your money.

  26. redlineshft922 (verified owner)

    Why, man? honestly why, why the price increase, these seeds are not great and these prices are just absolutely ridiculous, 3 years ago great seeds were 5 dollars a pound now 35? this sucks man, you were the only one keeping me afloat now youre raising prices too, i can keep up with this, youre hurting everyone who loves these awesome seeds nature gave us. i hope you can lower prices soon, they are not worth what they cost anywhere on the internet, cause you were the only one being reasonable, i miss it, hope everything is well but with these prices its not going well for me

    • Nodding Hills (verified owner)

      Pricing is strictly based off of market costs. Unfortunately costs go up, supply goes down, prices have to increase. It is how all products go and the market has been wild since COVID. Please understand it isn’t personal, it’s business, which we are grateful for your’s!

  27. Chris Proffit (verified owner)

    I love this company

    Although I think the last reviewer has a point, but at the same time you can’t beat NH shipping and quality. Sure sometimes it’s less than desired but when you compare to other um “fire” type companies, it’s no question. I’ve been more happy with NH than any other ever. That said this recent batch from the new year sale is about a half the flavor as normal, and that is probably 1 the time of year And me being spoiled by what I’ve been getting the last months. Id give this particular batch I got a 4.5 out of 10, but I’m used to a 8.5 here too. I’ll update if I can, but I’ll be a NH fan for ever or until bad things happen lol, hopefully not. They’ve been great so far

  28. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    About as average as you can get now. Really hope the quality goes back to the way it was considering the recent price hike. Just isn’t worth it anymore…as the last post said about 4.5/10.

  29. jugo5883 (verified owner)

    Been ordering here for a bit. The last few times I had bought they were great A+; best I had the pleasure of eating in a while. The most recent two were not as great. Which happens. Usually happens when stock gets a bit older. There is I believe 2 times a year poppy seed is harvested around August Nov then in Spring. So as you get closer to harvest quality usually degrades one way or the other. Im hoping things get better in quality soon but still a good company.

  30. Adam Macht (verified owner)

    Scary Times

    J is one of the only two vendors left that charge a good price for a good product and I give him personally 5 stars for his professionalism. That being said this new harvest season went from great to wtf in a matter of days it seems. The newest stock of the last few weeks seems like it may be containers/pallets from late last season that were held up at port. I can speculate all day but if this is a sign of things to come then I can’t see how any of this will be sustainable much longer… regardless of what vendor you purchase from.

  31. dino3311 (verified owner)

    Shipping is 5☆, the new batch is not.

    I bounce around between vendors, but I’ve bought my last few orders from here again. The shipping is always great, I get it quickly. I got an order from the new batch that came in 1/20, yesterday afternoon. Not very good, which to be fair, I think is just the norm lately. Unfortunately the market dictates the price goes higher and the quality goes down. I will likely make another small purchase to see if the quality changes, because sometimes you get a random bag that just sucks, but compared to the last couple orders I’ve purchased here, this is a huge disappointment in flavor.

  32. eric (verified owner)

    Same as everyone else

    My first order was superior ,sencond order which was big order was trash ,i complained and demanded to return it and prove that these were mid or low grade 16 dollar pound seed that he or they sent me for 33 apound ,,nop no response ,,third order was good again ,so i thought they made one time mistake with sencond order Nd now thet are back to normal so i ordered 6 pound with over night shipping and purchase same day shipping guarantee but that order was just trash seeds ,there is not limit for the greed ,this guy sell low gradd seed as premium abd charfe the price of premium ,and doesnot even take complain serious he buy from mako seeds i guarantee you that and mako is alot cheaper than thise guy mondy back guarantee ,,

    • Nodding Hills Customer Service (verified owner)

      Mr. Rehman, firstly we want to thank you for your business. Secondly, there is not “guy”. We are a team of over a dozen employees.

      Not certain why you’d say there was no response but I believe you spoke with our Manager Paul and he explained to you our return policy which due to many taking advantage of our customer service, we’ve made strict. That is to protect us and our customers. ALL of our low grade seeds are labeled as such with a large red label on all of the bags. As you are aware, quality can differ from bag to bag, pallet to pallet, and shipment to shipment. We ship out over 10k lbs a week and go through that product quickly, so the likelyhood of you getting the exact same seeds from the same shipment is very unlikely. If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know, thank you.

  33. bdawgfart420 (verified owner)

    extremely dissappointed

    this most recent batch is less than satifactory. i can literally get a pound of this exact same quality from the grocery store bulk bins for $7. sorry but thats the honest truth and nh has been my #1 goto for years. never again after wasting $550+ on what i could have got for $175 at the store

  34. Heather Jackson (verified owner)


    Just wait. Do not order unless you need to and be prepared to use way more seeds. (hoping and assuming my last longly worded review is deleted, this is my better one)
    Always been a good company this past year since I’ve switched to them, but don’t waste you’re money until there are better reviews. I do believe this past order is better than grocery store seeds, you can tell just by looking at them and no they don’t smell peppery…. I am hoping this isn’t the end of the line like some have suggested.

  35. Ryan Michael Snider (verified owner)

    Recently, Quality has been up and down

    I am a constant customer. For the last 2 years this company has had the best most consistent product. And a great product it was…… all the time.
    Recently, late 2021 and early 2022, I have received orders, one in November and one recently in Jan that the quality was not that much better than what I could get a a big employee owned bulk bin supplier. During these times the product had great material in the bag, however, the end result did not seem to be any different than I could purchase locally. Same color in end product. I would have to add double the amount for my……. Muffins…..

    Great people to deal with, great support, and shipping. I did pay for the guaranteed shipping one time and it did not happen. Nevertheless, things happen and I continue to use this company. I hope that the new lower prices do not reflect on the quality we have been accustomed to by paying a premium. This is why we pay the premium. We want supreme product.

    Thank you for reading. Have a blessed Hearty Hills experience. I will continue to use them, while researching other options. If I could have given 3.5 stars I would. I will also post about my next order as this is my first review. I should have reviewed my first orders because I was blown away. My supplier had been out of product so I gave them a try and have been happy. Until those 2 orders…..

    I must add I have 2 orders a month. So I’m 2 years 2 orders….. that’s amazing, considering we’re purchasing a natural product that is so dependent on the grow conditions.

    100% honest review.

  36. tjbilyk (verified owner)

    They just always come through, time and time again

    I’ve been buying from NH regularly for a little over a year and have gotten great product and even better service every single time, but I have to write a review now since the team went way above and beyond for me last week.
    I placed an order with the free UPS shipping and same-day shipping guarantee last Thursday, expecting it to be delivered by Saturday, but they apparently got a huge snowstorm that shut down everything including UPS, so it wasn’t picked up. They sent me a text early Friday morning to let me know the guarantee I purchased was being refunded. Since I knew I wouldn’t have the order by Saturday anymore, I asked if I could still pay to upgrade the shipping to overnight with Saturday delivery, and they let me do it! They had to pull the order and cancel/replace the Ground label with a Next Day Air w/ Saturday label, which they didn’t have to do, but they did. This is the reason I have been buying from NH consistently ever since I found them a year ago. They really do care about their business and their customers, and they saved me a lot of trouble this weekend by being so flexible.

  37. 85R (verified owner)

    Always good

    I’ve been using NH since they opened and their service is what keeps me coming back. I know when I place an order 99% of the time I’ll get it when I should and the product is as good as most of the other sites with similar prices. There’s better product out there right now but it’s not much better and the price reflects that and why I order from them.

  38. Josh Berg (verified owner)

    Can’t put a price on good customer service !

    The last three reviews put it pretty well , I also have been a regular customer for over a year and haven’t really had any problems . Customer service is always better than anywhere else. They always reply in a decent amount of time and that’s more than can be said for most of the other sites. Quality goes up and down but that’s to be expected with different shipments of a natural product. I’ve gotten way worse seeds other places for more money. Every once in a while I’ll get a really banger shipment , and the other times the quality stays pretty reliable. I’ve ordered from every site there is to buy these from and you really can’t beat Jacobs reliability and customer service !

    4 stars because no one is perfect and always gotta leave room for improvement …….but honestly service here has been 5 stars always !

  39. DM (verified owner)


    I guess I just kind of wanted to piggyback on the last few reviews I read. I received a 10 lbs bag of UK seeds yesterday and the quality still isn’t great but it’s as good or marginally better than two other popular venders I’ve used recently. What the last few reviews have said about Hearty Hills is absolutely true. I’ve been a loyal customer for about 18 months. They are easily the most professional, well-run company out of the online sellers in this market. Someone mentioned in a previous review to be wary of buying when there’s a sale going because the quality is often lower. I’ve found that to be very true, but this just proves that Jacob and staff are on top of things. I haven’t bought from one other place in the last 3 years where the quality and price fluctuate together with any consistency, as they tend to do here.
    Also,just very briefly I’d like to comment on another old review I read with someone complaining when they added the mid-grade seeds. I’ve read reviews in different places saying they are liars and manipulative and I don’t get it. I mean “mid-grade” is a generic term. They were just trying to provide people with another lower-priced option because prices have gone up so much lately.
    This place still isn’t perfect. I’m not a fan of paying a fee to guarantee my order gets sent out same-day, and there are a couple other things that could be improved. But Hearty Hills is still top-dawg in the industry in my book and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I just hope the quality starts coming back.
    I hate when people leave 1,000-word reviews and I’ve just done it. Damnit! Sorry for rambling- keep up the great work NH!

  40. alexandra_csuf (verified owner)

    fast free shipping but product uneven

    i have never had any issues with nh. every order has been correct and on time or even early, and the price is usually a good $10 per lb lower than other shops. unfortunately, i never know what the quality will be like. i just received 30lbs of seeds, and they are a flop, sadly. one expects some degree of variation in an organic product, but i find this range in quality to be disappointing and unacceptable at these prices. i do not enjoy throwing away hundreds of dollars on seeds that taste like donkey balls. i will happily post a retraction if i discover better seeds in my lot. thank you!

  41. redlineshft922 (verified owner)

    Not as good as last batch

    Yep not even as good as the last batch, which is expected for this time of year but still really sad and disappointing to pay SO much for something that is worst than last batch which itself wasnt even worth the price, really hope things change soon, I feel taken advantage of, although I love this site in comparison to like every other on the market these seed are not as good as the last batch

  42. KGK (verified owner)


    Product and price is consistent. Customer sercice is by far the best, Paul always goes above and beyond.

  43. Hello (verified owner)

    pleasantly surprised

    Placed an order in March during the sale and received seeds that had an unusual flavor and aroma which, I assume, is why they were on sale. The latest batch didn’t have any unusual smell or taste. In fact, they taste really good — crunchy and nutty. Quality is definitely above average. Super fast shipping, great prices, and a very professional worker-owned company. I’m very pleased with the latest batch. Thank you to everyone at HH.

    • Hearty Hills Customer Service (verified owner)

      Thank you for your review! As for sales; our product does not change depending on if we are having a sale or not. We tend to have sales on holidays and scheduled flash sales each month. Whether you order during a sale or not, it is the exact same product.

  44. MrRobot (verified owner)

    Customers, How is it as of mid may?

    Batch i got earlier this month was not my favorite by any means, I’ve been trying a lil bit once a month to test it. I hope they get a good shipment soon cuz I miss this place. Whats yalls opinion on it recently? Is it still the same as its been the last several months? Or no?

  45. dkasiorek (verified owner)

    Much much better

    Over the past couple months I havnt been happy but I kept ordering once a month to see if there was any change. I received this order 5/18/22 and I am pleasantly surprised. It has a super fresh earthy aroma, decently bitter and medium amount of plant matter. It took 2 good washes to be clean enough for baking. Of course shipping is always super fast. 2 days to the East coast. Keep it coming guys… Good job on this order!

  46. Adam Macht (verified owner)

    Wish there were more consistency

    I had two really good orders in mid-late April and then the inevitable quality drop happened on my third consecutive weekly order in early may… These fluctuations have always happened but this year the lower end of the quality seems to be closer to generic store bought seeds…

    There’s really no point in test ordering because the very next order a day or two later can and will be completely different. It makes spending hundreds of dollars on what used to be a relatively consistent quality seem like a crap shoot. It seems that something has changed with the source suppliers/farmers and has really taken hold since January of this year.

    Every year the overall quality gets worse and prices continue to increase, it’s stressful, painful, and nerve-wracking. In all honesty some of the batches I’ve received in the past few months should have been rejected or sold as animal/bird feed. I know that isn’t possible because HH pays just as much for the good batches as the bad ones but in the end it leaves us the customer holding the bag… literally.

  47. Hello (verified owner)

    very pleased with HH

    I, too, wish HH was a little more consistent but it’s probably pretty difficult given the volume they sell and the variables with an organic product grown outdoors in the UK. I’ve placed several orders in the past few months and have been happy with every order. I’d say the quality ranges from 4.5/10 to 8.5/10 as other reviewers have noted. Majority of my orders have been well above average. In fact, only one order was below average (but still worked fine for most of my recipes). Good tasting seeds, great prices, and fast shipping. I’m a happy customer.

    Also, posting a review here is a little complicated. You need to log in to your account, go to the orders page, click on an order, and then click on the product so it takes you to the product page. Then you’ll be able to post a review.

  48. Adam Appel (verified owner)

    Hearty is a good word

    I love these seeds. Deep dark rich aroma, none of that rancid pepper smell that so many other companies have. Whatever recipe you have in mind, these seeds are perfect. You won’t be disappointed.

  49. partnerwithchris (verified owner)

    Consistency makes it difficult to order

    Used to be a frequent customer but unfortunately the product varies so much I simply can’t justify ordering anymore. I’m not talking about the normal variance of quality, that’s just the reality of this product.

    HeartyHills is the only place that has sold me straight up completely inert seeds. There is no refund, no product exchange, no discount on a future order. You just spend hundreds on something that you literally have to throw in the trash.

    And if you email asking for information about what batch you might be getting product from, they are unhelpful if they even respond.

    The shipping is fine and the price is the same outrageous price as everywhere else, but the extreme dips in quality, sometimes even from multiple bags on the SAME order, is just unacceptable.

    If it has changed in the last 4 months or so, please someone let me know otherwise.

  50. Hello (verified owner)

    Delicious seeds at great prices!

    Reply to the previous review: HH has the “same outrageous price[s] as everywhere else”? Is that a joke, a lie, or just plain ignorance? HH sells seeds for $25 to $35 a pound with free shipping! 10lbs for $250. I am looking at a bunch of other vendors and they’re selling UK seeds for *significantly* more and the majority don’t include free shipping! Most are selling 8lbs for a lot more than what HH sells 10lbs for ($250). Not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about.

    The flavor and overall quality at HH is almost always above average. The few times they weren’t above average they were only slightly below, maybe 4/10. I’ve had multiple orders recently that were a solid 8/10 when it comes to flavor, aroma, texture, freshness, and overall quality. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with HH. Fast shipping, great prices, and flavorful, delicious organic seeds. What more could you want?

  51. Denise Weber (verified owner)

    The best

    Such an amazing company. Been buying from them for years. I have not purchased from anyone else since Sincerely Nuts went dry, so I don’t know if they are the best but they have the most amazing customer service ever. Orders go out the same day and they pick up the phone the second that you call. Paul is a GOD.

  52. redlineshft922 (verified owner)

    Varies A Lor

    Varies a lot week to week, always worth it because prices elsewhere never compete with these prices really but yea quality varies a lot even just week to week, almost always disappointed with the next batch i get after a really quality one, stick with the company but hope it eventually stables out because being a customer right now is def more frustrating than it should be

  53. Chandra Welter (verified owner)

    Inconsistent, unfortunately

    Long time customer. I’ve always been very impressed with the seeds I got, and never had any issues. Unfortunately, my most recent order of 10lb was not to usual standards. I don’t know why, but they don’t perform the way I have come to expect. Disappointed. I’ll likely still order and try again, though now I’ve got 10lbs to pour in the trash. 😔

  54. marty.p.frank (verified owner)

    What happened with current batch?

    The last order (10+ lbs) received this week really took a quality hit. Less thick and nutty, more thin and peppery. This kind of thing can be expected of course but the prcing really should reflect the grade. That was quite a bummer.

    This is by no means a dealbreaker due to the outstanding track record here but would very much like to see at least some indication of quality change before placing the order -a price drop or at least some kind of notice on the sales floor.

    Thanks much /loyal customer

  55. Hello (verified owner)

    disappointed with latest order

    I concur with the previous reviewers. This latest batch I received was significantly lower in quality, freshness, and flavor and had much less plant matter. I guess this is the time of year when quality takes a dip but as others have pointed out Hearty Hills should’ve let us know and/or put these on sale. I’m glad I didn’t buy that much of this batch or I’d be very upset. I know this product can vary a lot due to a number of factors as it’s an organic product grown outdoors. But this seems to be outside of the normal variation in quality, which is why I’m giving 3 stars. Shipping speed is still amazingly fast, possibly fastest in the industry. I will definitely continue to order from HH because I know this type of thing happens especially around this time of year. The last sale was 4th of July IIRC so a sale for this would’ve been a good idea. I really hope my next order is better or at least less expensive. I love HH and will always be a loyal customer.

  56. partnerwithchris (verified owner)

    Anyone still shop here?

    Anyone still shop here?

    Super, super, super hesitant to order since this is the ONLY place in my LIFE that has shipped COMPLETELY inedible seeds. Before that they were okay and had reasonable prices.

    Anyone order in the last week or two?

  57. organicgal (verified owner)

    Loyal Customer for a reason

    I don’t understand some of these reviews. I have never had an unsatisfactory experience with this company. The products are great. The.seeds.always.taste.fantastic, very reliable, I love the gummy worms, the pumpkin seeds are ~the best~!!! On top of that, that customer service is amazing, exceeds all expectations. (One time, I accidentally made an order twice. Talked to someone on the phone immediately (no automated phone bs) and they fixed ~my~ mistake the same day. They even called me back later to confirm the second accidental purchase reversal had been completed successfully!!! What other company does that?! Amazing!!!)
    AND the shipping turnaround/processing time could not be faster. Thank you Hearty Hills for being a reliable quality business.

  58. Oriyah and kate Tefer (verified owner)

    not too shabby

    well ive been a customer since this place started, so i wont bullshit you-
    i got 5lb twice, one about 2 weeks ago, and one about a week ago….
    the first bag was pretty fire- not fire like the old glory days, but competetive with the shit ball market these days of mediocre at best seeds….
    that being said the second 5lb bag was not as great as the first…. it wasnt horrible by any means though….
    my guess is i just got a differant part of the pallet they were on for the second bag….
    the price went up a lil for a reason , because they do have a better batch in….
    i do think the time is coming where americans will need to start farming this plant to restart and restore the market here, growing premium cultivars for seed production and then selling direct to americans, because if the market doesnt change thats the only way to keep this going while still giving big *farma the finger. this product is crucial to be affordable for the poor whom want something God made for baking, something more benign and healing like this product….
    to many people who are baking synthetic trash will eventually turn to this as a relief, and for healing- we must try to make this happen.
    ive been a farmer my whole life, i work hard, but this is getting out of hand- and i know Jahs creation, the earth can deliver.
    even so Jah bless heart hills for sticking it out and helping us all out.

  59. Hello (verified owner)

    Great flavor, aroma, and appearance

    HH has arguably the best quality seeds around right now. This time of year it’s hard to find high quality, flavorful, aromatic seeds but HH manages to do so while most other vendors seemingly cannot. The only negative I can think of is the recent price hike from last year but I understand with inflation and everything why they did it. But HH has sales pretty frequently which is helpful and ships orders faster than any other vendor. The overall quality of seeds I’ve received recently I’d say are a 6.5 out of 10. Perhaps a 7 out of 10. They’re definitely better than any other vendor right now, some of which are selling awful tasting seeds, some of which I cannot use. If you want good tasting baked goods HH is the place to go.

  60. anotherguy2087 (verified owner)

    The Best!

    The quality is the best. And whenever there has been an issue, the customer service has always been professional and friendly. Recently I had an issue with an error on the web site. They had it corrected in 15 minutes! It is always a pleasure doing business with Hearty Hills.

  61. marty.p.frank (verified owner)


    Just thought I would commend these folks @hearty for their ongoing trustworhy /fast shipping -and also to say that the quality of the product last couple months has been a notable improvement from a few months back.. and its appreciated!

  62. Hello (verified owner)

    Pleased with recent orders

    I’ve been happy with my latest orders. They have been more flavorful and aromatic than what I got in October. Definitely an improvement in quality and taste. Shipping is always fast and reliable. HH is great company.

  63. Oriyah and kate Tefer (verified owner)

    inconsistent, dissapointed, 4-5 years as customer

    So firstly id like to say- i posted a goid review a couple weeks back and it never got put up- i had to make a new account to write this one.
    LATELY seed quality was getting good, in fact ive only been ordering from HH when they got their new batches on point. i have ordered 3-4 5lb bags in the last month- most were good, real good actually. BUT MY LATEST BAG WAS TRASH. to be spending $5lb every weekish is alot of money, and to suddenly get TRASH that takes double or more my recipe is unacceptable, spending this much money this regularly to get a bunk bag is not ok with me- i have been a customer of Nodding/Hearty since they opened nearly- thousands and thousands of dollars, so im not a customer you want to lose.
    I complained to paul via text- and all i got was a lousy 10 percent off code- which i already have permanantly grandfathered from jacob. Now im not the type to complain for a replacement- unless its really bad. basically not valueing veteran customers is my issue. if i dont have a history of complaining to get freebies, then you better take heed and realize im a sincere genuine customer and send a replacement.
    People cant be dropping 150$ per week-2weeks just willy nilly to get crap product- many of us work for a living, and are not rich. Baking gets us by the in the shit show of a world we have.
    their must not be any legit quality control- because if HH had a in house baker you would know not to send anyone what you sent me. ILL GO TO MAKO,TURTLE,or whoever if im not a valued customer.

  64. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    Bad Seeds.

    Recent order last week was horrid… Honestly don’t leave bad reviews unless the seeds really are bad. Been a costumer for years. Don’t want to switch but if the seeds stay the same as I got last week, will have to.

  65. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    This week’s shipment of seeds was basically back to itsusual quality, which is average. So decent seeds no complaints and always the best shipping.

  66. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    Better than usual

    Last order I received was pretty good. Definitely a notch up from what it was. Definitely in the range of 4 out of 5 or close to it.

  67. dkasiorek (verified owner)


    I was afraid to order after reading terrible reviews recently but from the bad quality I got from other places I figured they can’t be any worse. To my surprise I am pleased with my order received on 5/18. I’d say there are around 7/10 quality. Decently bitter, good aroma and took 3 washes to get them clean. I’ll place another order hopefully this quality is consistent. Other places will throw in bags of terrible quality to get rid of that stock. Doing that has stopped me ordering from those places and they try to lie and say it’s nature’s inconsistencies. We are not stupid when we are sent a completely different seed than the previous order. Anyway good job on this order HH. Keep up the good product and fast shipping.

  68. alexandra_csuf (verified owner)

    inconsistent quality

    I am bummed.The quality of seeds had improved greatly for a while (and I sent a thank you note to customer service) but my most recent order of 30lbs, which were on sale, smells and tastes weird. I realize this is an organic product and there will naturally be variation in the prodeuct, but the skeptic in me can’t help wondering why these particular seeds were on sale. The difference between the seeds on sale and the seeds I have been receiving lately is so extreme that I had to mention it.

    I will continue to buy seeds from HH because of the decent prices (compared to other purveyours who consistently sell over-priced crappy seeds and charge you tons to ship them) and free shipping. My hope is that this is just natural variation in seed quality, and my next order is back to normal. I am not trying to discourage anyone from making a purchase from HH. At worst, you will get yucky seeds at a lower price and not spend half of your total on shipping. Bake safely, everyone!

  69. stephen13 (verified owner)

    Consistently downward quality

    Been a customer for a few years, started trying some others because the taste was so hit or miss. Decided to come try them again, because prices aren’t terrible. But the quality is about that of the local bulk discount store which sells at $12 a pound, which ain’t high praise. These were very sticky, dark black, less plant material than usual, and a clear light brown wash. I don’t i mind paying a bit more for consistent, high quality. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be here anymore.

    I’ll watch the reviews, and might try again if the go up. But I sure wonder what happened between now and the great review in May.

  70. stephen13 (verified owner)

    Oops, forgot to lower the stars on my review

    See title. 1 is to balance out the 4. It should be like 2

  71. anotherguy2087 (verified owner)


    First off, the there is nothing wrong with the seeds. They just need dried. If someone had just said something it could have saved everyone a lot of trouble. Second, please remove the word “sale” over top poppy seeds on the product select. When people see the price has been raised it’s likely to cause bad feelings. Good luck, we’re all rooting for you.

  72. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)


    I agree with “anotherguys” above statement.

  73. Hello (verified owner)

    quality has improved (new lot)

    My recent order is much better than the clumpy batch that HH had for the past month or so. The new seeds are back to the normal appearance, consistency, and they have a wonderful aroma. And they taste amazing in my lemon poppyseed bread.

    My only regret is that I didn’t buy more when it was on sale. I am a bit bummed out by the price increase but I understand why they did. Luckily, quality is back to where it should be so I don’t mind paying a little extra. One thing I must say is that (free) shipping at HH is absolutely incredible. I ordered on the 6th and received the package today (the 8th)! Don’t know how they do it but they ship faster than any other company I deal with online. But, yeah, no worries about getting that clumpy, dark black batch that most places have had since mid-May — HH has new stock and it’s definitely above average quality. If the last batch was a 4/10 I’d say this new batch is a 7/10 (or maybe an 8). I’m a very happy baker. Thanks, HH!

  74. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    Good turn around!

    The quality of the seeds this week were a dramatic change from what they’ve been for along time.These are definitely good and dirty seeds that seem not to have gone through alot of processing and chemical treatments etc. So overall happy with quality, I just don’t think alot of people will be buying seeds anymore if theirs another big price hike.

  75. DM (verified owner)

    Old Seeds Are Back

    I guess they just got a new batch in because I received a 2 lbs bag yesterday and the seeds were back to what they were before they changed to the wet clumpy stuff. Lots of plant matter, VERY dirty and bitter. These seeds are much much better than what they’ve been the last month or two. Hopefully these will be around a while!

  76. marty.p.frank (verified owner)

    Back up to standard plus!

    I concur with the previous review -after that previous order the quality improved again with a nice rich nutty aroma.. and I really try to make a point to highly commend these trustworthy folks for hitting that target as often as they are able.

  77. anotherguy2087 (verified owner)


    What more can I say that the last two reviews did not? Strong flavor, 5 stars.

  78. Nitsa Peacelove (verified owner)

    Back to normal YAY

    The last few months were literally money down the drain but my last 2 orders were good so i ordered more today hoping for the same. Always quick delivery and packaging never leaks product🙃

  79. DM (verified owner)


    Really?? ANOTHER price hike?!? In my entire life, I’ve never seen a company change the price of their product as often as this place does. It’s bad enough that the product changes with practically every order. Now I’ve got to worry about how much it’s going to cost the next time I make a purchase. As a buyer and consumer of poppy seeds, everything about the process is inconsistent and unreliable. It would be great if at least the price was stable. But instead, it seems to go up about 10 percent every time seasons change. And in a couple of weeks or months or whenever the product goes back to being crap, it’s going

  80. Jay (verified owner)

    Better than most - but unreasonable cost

    it’s been very difficult to get fresh high quality seeds since the pandemic and HH has been one of only a handful of places that have been relatively consistent. For a while earlier this year, they had a major dip in quality but it seems to have returned to normal. I like HH because the shipping and customer service is very reliable but the continued price hikes have meant that I’ve had to cut back on baking items that need seeds – just simply can’t justify it. It’s a real treat when I can afford it but it’s pretty much off my menu these days.

  81. Jay (verified owner)

    Unpredictable quality = highway robbery

    All right – I think I have to switch vendors. I’ve stuck with HH bc of the reliability of the shipping and customer service but that doesn’t make up for horrible quality when the product comes in. Past two orders I’ve made, I’ve spent 10x what I could have by going to the grocery store and buying their crap irradiated seeds and I’m getting the same awful processed flavor. This won’t work. can’t do it anymore.

  82. joeshmowshow4590 (verified owner)

    Quality dive

    Agreed. 2 weeks in a row of horrid quality? Next order is a strike out if the quality is the same as the past two weeks and move on to another vendor. Actually there are quite a few, only stayed with this company because they were consistent and had good shipping. But if they can’t even provide just seeds that are par… Average. Then I’m definitely taking my business elsewhere. Sad because they’ve been reliable so long with great customer service and shipping… But it means nothing if the seeds are garbage.

  83. dino3311 (verified owner)

    Low quality oily seeds

    I’ve been a loyal customer here for a long time and I always appreciate how reliable they are with getting orders out and for my location shipping is quick. However the quality is just all over the place, the last order I placed is pretty terrible. The price is just too high for low quality or big swings in quality one way or the other. I’ll give them credit that after raising their price to $42.99/lb they did lower the price, which most companies wouldn’t do. However, there are multiple competitors that have really good sale prices right now (November 19th), and I just can’t keep paying this much for a gamble of what I’ll receive. Sorry guys, but I’m placing one more order to take advantage of the good shipping and moving on. I hope for everyone else the quality comes back.

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